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YGD finalists 2018 announced

Event: BAFTA Young Game Designers AwardsDate: Saturday 8 July 2017Venue: BAFTA, 195 PiccadillyHosts: Dev Griffin & Georgie Barrat -Area: Group Shots

Find out more about this year's YGD finalists!

The finalists for the 2018 YGD competition have been announced! With entrants from across England, Scotland and Wales, a grand total of forty games, made by individuals or teams, will be vying for the Game Concept Award and Game Making Award next month.

The finalists are:

Game Concept Award: 10-14 years old 

Barista, by Grace Farsides, aged 14 
Bristol Business, by Anish Raja, aged 11
IAN the Alien, by Joshua Robinson, aged 11
Polar Blast, by Diya Patel, aged 13
Psycat's Adventure, by Heidi
Surf Simulator, by Benjamin Cranston, aged 13
The Clue Finder, by Tierney Gettins & Heather Dixon, aged 13
The Haunted, by Alexander Thomson, Robert Baird & Sonny Cunningham, aged 13
the unBEARable winter, by Edie Sunmanm, Clelia Alishah & Lillie Henchley, aged 13
Trapped, by Dalvia (14) & Tiva (11) Dhillon

Game Concept Award: 15-18 years old 

Bitweb, by Aryaan Awais, aged 18
CloudScape, by Molly Morgan, Elizabeth Mcmorrow & Dafydd Mulcachy, aged 17
Crossbeats, by James Doran (17), Brodie Millar (17) & Aidan Baker (16)
Down the Well, by Ben Dunn-Flores, aged 18
Dream Detective, by Ayo Norman-Williams, aged 17
H.e.24, by Nathan Burton (18), James Dare (17) & Joe Harrison (17)
Take Your Thyme, by Yue Qi, aged 15
Tea & Tartlets, by Sophia Shepherd (16), Katrina Shields (16) & Erin Jones (17)
The Great Fly Escape, by Tom Mort, aged 15
TransMission: Sidereal, by Jordan Han, aged 18

Game Making Award: 10-14 years old 

¡HOLA MEXICO!, by Lauren Fenwick, aged 12
Beating Bullying, by Chloe Rattle, aged 12
Bee Simulator, by Ariyan Hormoz, aged 11
Dragon Jump, by Anete Nagla (12), Iga Masolwska (12) & Victoria Nixon (12)
Maggie, by Harry Thurston, aged 10
Mei-Ling - The Forgotten Princess, by Aysheq Hussain, aged 14
Paddle Boat Panda, by Alex Robinson, aged 11
Penguin Peril, by James Lindsay, aged 10
The Great Fraction Adventure, by Jack Rafferty, aged 11
T-rex Need Eat: Type Real Weird Words, by Maximilian Robinson, aged 13

Game Making Award: 15-18 years old 

All Alone, by Thomas Robson, aged 17
BattlePunk, by Elizabeth Hornsby, Hannah Birrell & Tatiana Vlassi, aged 15
Cacophony, by Jordan Han, aged 18
Coob Dools, by Adam Pace, aged 17
Life Raft Survival, by Abigail Tan, aged 15
Memories, by Anthony Moran & Joseph Sweeney, aged 16
Mouse Trapped, by Joe Anderson & Michael Bell, aged 17
Super Boson, by Prithvi Kohli, aged 17
The Elementalist, by Morgan Brown, aged 16
Tim's Adventure, by Jamie Buttenshaw, aged 15

You can find out more about each game here.

The winners of both strands, in 10-14 and 15-18 age ranges, will receive a host of prizes, including a Jagex studio tour & game development books, a year's subscription to Unity Pro, a Playstation goody bag, a Package of Warner Bros. games titles, a winners group visit to Criterion Studios, a workshop with SEGA, and other prizes provided by Official YGD Partners King & Ubisoft.

Five inspirational educators are also in the running for the YGD Mentor Award, which is presented to an individual, nominated by the public, involved in the education of young game designers. The finalists are:

Dr. John Bradford
DigiLocal, High Tech Bristol & Bath CIC

Guy Bramwell-Smith
Access Creative College

Vanessa Bonthuys
Simon Langton Girls School

Erika Rhodes
Chenderit School
Middleton Cheney, Oxfordshire

Adam Syrop
Impact Gamers C.I.C.

All the winners will be revealed at the YGD Awards ceremony on Saturday 7 July, which takes place at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly. Follow @BAFTAGames on the day to find out all the winners!