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Coob Dools

Coob Dools

Coob Dools – Adam Pace, 17

“2-4 player platforming shooter mayhem.”

Cool Doobs pits 2-4 players against one another in battle across 4 different levels, complete with their own unique features to make each match different from the last. Levels are randomly chosen at the end of every round. Battles are short and fast paced to keep everyone involved.

Coob Dools was the second game I created in Unity. The first was Mowsroom, a game initially developed to secure a place on my current NextGen Skills Academy course.

Coob Dools was a huge stepping stone for my game development skills. I learnt different technique for making better looking 2D pixel graphics and animations using Photoshop and Aseprite. There was an array of different types of graphics needed in Coob Dools and I had to experiment a lot while creating them. I’m really proud of the game’s overall aesthetic.

Download and play Coob Dools