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The Great Fly Escape

The Great Fly Escape

The Great Fly Escape – Tom Mort, 15

Platform: Desktop & Console (PlayStation)

“Play as a fly who wants to leave the humans home!”

You will play as a fly who wants to return home to its family but there is a problem... The humans want to kill you! You are stuck in the house of the Novios who want to make sure you don't return home. You will have opportunities to escape like windows open, Doors being opened, Cat flaps opening. It is a tedious task to complete but if you run out of time you can still win by making sure the Novios DON'T KILL YOU in a time of 5 minutes.

Reasons it’s different from other games:

  • You never play as a bug in any games.
  • You never see a game that is 21,000,000x smaller than a normal human.