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H.e.24 – Nathan Burton, 18, James Dare, 17 & Joe Harrison, 17

Platform: Desktop          

“The world has been taken over by balloons, Humanity has been sent to the undergrounds in fear for hundreds of years, It is time to go see the damage that has been done.”

Aliens have invaded the earth and drove humanity underground. These aliens seemingly have the same properties as sentient balloons, however they also shoot lasers out of their... "Mouths". 12 Years later you wake up to find the devastation that has happens to humanity. After meeting up with a small group of interesting individuals, (A child who loves popping balloons, The happiest man alive who is in a wheelchair, and a girl who goes from being extremely hyper to extremely tired in a second) you leave the underground to take back your home.

How is it different to other games?

Name one other game where you take back the world from invading balloons