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Dream Detective

Dream Detective

Dream Detective – Ayo Norman-Williams, 17

Platform: Console - Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One

“When 17-year-old Ava learns that she can see the future through her dreams, she becomes a detective over one crazy summer, investigating in the daytime and finding new leads in her dreams!”

Dream Detective is a story-based detective game/3D platformer hybrid, set in both the real world and in dreams. The game puts the player in control of Ava, a 17-year-old girl who has just finished sixth form. Ava has just learned that she has precognitive dreams, where she is able to see future information about whoever/whatever appears in them.

Reasons it’s different from other games:

  • Dream Detective is a unique blend of genres that hasn't been seen before - 3D platformer + detective game + puzzle game.
  • It stars a young mixed-race girl, and women of colour are severely underrepresented in games.
  • The gameplay focuses on multiple small, densely packed, interesting areas to explore, rather than the barren open worlds which are most popular right now.