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Take Your Thyme

Take Your Thyme

Take Your Thyme – Yue Qi, 15

Platform: Mobile & Tablet

“Everyone wants to play the hero in their game, but why not be the most crucial hero behind one of the most important game mechanics itself?”

As the name suggests, the game features the idea of 'herbs' - hence, 'Thyme' in the place of 'Time' - and will allow for players to control their character to navigate in the tranquil mountainous areas in search for herbs and plants to create 'medicine' and 'potions' often found in other games which have the ability to revive or heal.

Target Audience: "Take Your Thyme" would primarily be for children 7 years and above. When it comes to creating a game, of course it would be ideal for everyone to share enjoyment for it and that's where the element of including a diverse audience comes into play. Not only will younger children appreciate the "pretty colours" in a game, but an older audience of people with an eye for the soft visuals of the game, character designs for them to get attached to all over again, or even just the traditional rural culture of China - whether it be educational or for fun.