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TransMission: Sidereal

TransMission Sidereal

TransMission: Sidereal – Jordan Han, 18

Platform: Desktop

“Become the hero the universe deserves with the help of your diverse crew members, learning codes and uncommon communication styles along the way.”

An educational puzzle-platformer based around player and crew rescuing humans that have been abducted by aliens.

Target Audience:

  • People who want to learn, especially Morse code, the Galactic Alphabet, Binary, Hexadecimal, BSL Fingerspelling, or Braille.
  • People who like space, technology, science fiction, science fantasy, aliens, and communication.
  • People who like positive LGBT+ representation. The main characters are not heterosexual or cisgender, and all are successfully pursuing STEM careers.
  • People who like positive disability representation. Mai is an amputee and uses a wheelchair, Chase is on the autistic spectrum and is severely short-sighted, K is mute and deaf. They’re not defined by these characteristics, being successful regardless of (and are proud of) their disabilities.

Reasons it’s different to other games:

  • Very positive but non-intrusive LGBT+ and disability representation; crew members are not cisgender, not heterosexual, and have disabilities. They are all successfully pursuing STEM careers.
  • Introduces codes and sign language to people in a fun and engaging way, and teaches a broader message about the importance of communication.
  • Physical violence is not an option; you must solve this communication problem through compromise and understanding, as the aliens have no malicious intent, and are not harming the people they abduct.