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Memories – Anthony Moran, 16 & Joseph Sweeney, 16

“The game surrounds the life of a family who have been disconnected from everything they once knew and are trying to restore themselves of their memories before the darkness consumes them.”

Each level consists of a memory that is shared by one or more characters, starting with the day they moved into their house for the first time. The memory at the beginning of the level is corrupted with darkness and requires such darkness to be destroyed in order to progress to the second stage of the level where characters are shown the memory they once knew with one, slight alteration... They don't exist within it.

Throughout this project, I became more comfortable in object-oriented programming, using functions and using dictionaries. These were three parts of programming that were difficult to get my head around, I have always used them in past projects but this latest project has truly shown how far I've come as a programmer. Past projects have crumbled due to the lack of efficiency but this project on the other hand has been one of my most organised one yet.

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