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Tim’s Adventure

Tim's Adventure

Tim’s Adventure – Jamie Buttenshaw, 15

“Tim's Adventure is an open world role playing game where you play as Tim the Jelly Bean, and you've been set on a magical quest to save a land riddled with evil from the formidable Jelly Monster and its army of evil beans, by exploring the realm and duelling with evil beans.”

I've never made a game where the story-line has played such an important role in the experience in a game, so I feel I have really developed my story telling skills in making this game. I have had to think about what is the most interesting and enjoyable way for the player to uncover what is happening in the game, but still make them feel like that their controlling the events.

Creating the game engine was by far the most challenging step in building my game. Since I started with nothing but an empty text editor, I had to program my own systems to load the graphics, the game save engine, terrain engines, sound engines, I had to create my own GUI components such as buttons and text. I challenged myself to program all of the features you would normally get with a game engine myself, and I'm really proud that I was able to do so.

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