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BattlePunk – Elizabeth Hornsby, 15, Hannah Birrell, 15 & Tatiana Vlassi, 15

“BattlePunk is a pixelated RPG adventure set in a magical future where battles are constantly raging- you, a pacifist, are the only hope the world has to change...”

Lizzie Hornsby (art/code): I learned a lot about creating digital art though I was a complete beginner when we started the game! I learnt techniques for using different art programs and different styles, especially pixel art, which I used to create the sprites. I think because we spent a lot of time fixing errors and bugs within our code, I also improved my coding skills in general- in particular, problem solving.

Hannah Birrell (music): I have developed my skills in composing music based on a theme or motif and to fit with characters.

Tatiana Vlassi (art/code): I developed my skills in digital art, particularly using photo editors to design scenes and landscapes. I also feel that I have become more proficient in Scratch, as I have learnt more interesting and useful techniques for programming and understanding computational logic. This has also been an exciting chance for me to help develop a story and characters, which has been fun to try, and I think I've definitely improved.

Download and play BattlePunk

(To play, download the game file and upload to Scratch Editor)