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Down the Well

Down the Well

Down the Well – Ben Dunn-Flores, 18

Platform: Desktop

“An iterative puzzle-platformer centred around two characters - one that charts a course and the other that takes it. This time, you use gravity - you fall upwards, or sideways, or corkscrew around obstacles and through enemies.”

In Down the Well, you play as both an insectoid robot and a gravity-altering orb. The Insect can only walk along the ground and launch emp grenades (which can be used to activate buttons, disarm turrets and disable guards). The Orb can fly and alter the gravitational field lines within it, leaving a trail of altered gravity behind it.

Reasons it’s different from other games:

  • When Down has no real meaning, you must think, move and fall in all six directions - and the user interface lets you do it.
  • There are no other games with such detailed control of gravity
  • Two characters are used throughout, in tandem, mixing puzzle and platforming styles.