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Dragon Jump

Dragon Jump

Dragon Jump – Anete Nagla, 12, Iga Masolwska, 12, & Victoria Nixon, 12

“You are Ignis, a lost dragon, and you must collect all of the jewels and coins hidden and protected in each world, that is if you can endure the obstacles, heights and traps waiting for you in order to finally create a portal to return home.”

Anete - I worked on the programming. I used GameMaker 1.4 which I taught myself. I have programmed in Java before, making some simple minecraft mods, but this was my first platform game.

Victoria - I worked on the sound, so I had to learn to use MuseScore 2. I had to find instruments which worked together and make music suitable for the game.

Iga - I created the pixel artwork for the game in MS Paint. I had made animations in the past but this was different. Most of the art was created on a touch screen with a stylus.

Download and play Dragon Jump

(You will need GameMaker installed)