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Life Raft Survival

Life Raft Survival

Life Raft Survival – Abigail Tan, 15

“Cast adrift in a life raft, survive against the odds in an unforgiving tropical island environment where you are truly alone!”

In Life Raft Survival, you’re stranded at sea after a mysterious plane crash with only a life raft and a small survival device.  You start by harvesting basic raw materials from tropical desert islands to craft more advanced equipment, including tools, new transportation, campfires and shelter.

I made the game in the Scratch programming language, which is often used to create simple games. However I used it to make a game much more complex than most Scratch games. I've learnt how to build a 2D scrolling engine allowing both placeable items and natural resources.

I've also learnt the skills to create code that can be updated easily - I've programmed a crafting system that only requires me to add a 4-12 digit number to a list (indicating the required items and quantity) and new assets in order to add a new craftable item. The crafting menu is able to detect when the user has the required items using data in a list.

Download and play Life Raft Survival

(To play, download the game file and upload to Scratch Editor)