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Welcome to the YGD teacher resources page!

We've got lesson plans, worksheets + videos to help guide your students through each stage of the game design process. The lesson plans + resources can be used in the classroom + in clubs, and the work students do can help them create a game for the competition.

If you would like to keep track over the entries of their students, they can do so by following these instructions:

  • Register an account at

  •  Log into your account

  • Go to ‘Manage Users’

  • Select ‘Add new user’

  •  Register an account for each student (please note the student can change their password at a later date)

  • Ensure the email address registered for each student is different and is the one they wish to receive all application updates through

 A teacher can add as many users as they need to, setting up a login for each student via this method. The student will then be able to use the login details the teacher has registered them with to login to their own account where they will only see their individual entry. The teacher will be able to view all entries being worked on by users registered through their account. 

Full Teacher Pack -  coming soon!

Just the lesson plans - Download our complete lesson planning guide to get started.

Classroom Poster

Parent's letter

Useful links  - Free online tools to help students with their game creation

Example application forms - Download example Game ConceptGame Making and Mentor Award application forms here

Visit our FAQs page or read the competition terms and conditions.

The BAFTA YGD School Resource Network - Find out more here.