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Lesson Five: Discovering Design

Lesson Aim:  To develop initial concept art and identify the look/feel of a game.

Ask students to identify what assets they will need to create for their own game.

  • Who (or what) do you play as?
  • What does the game look like? (World/Environment)
  • Are there any other characters?
  • Are there any useable objects or collectibles?
  • Can they identify any challenges a designer might face in turning their Concept into a playable game? 

Additional Task: Ask students to consider the look and feel of their own game and create an ‘Inspiration Board’ of the main themes that they wish to capture. This might involve starting to draw their game art by hand or creating a collage using pictures from comics/magazines/newspapers etc.

Lesson Five resources

Episode Two: Bringing your ideas to life (YouTube)

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