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Useful Links

Need some more inspiration with your game design? The links below can help.


Coderdojo – Free online tips on game design and links to local clubs in your area.

Creative Skillset - insights and advice on getting into the game industry

UKie - the UK games trade body


Audacity - A free audio recording and editing programme.

Free Sound - A collection of free sound effects and noises

BFXR - A free sound generator


Piskel - A free online sprite editor.

GIMP - A free image manipulation program.

OpenGameArt - Find art work, sprites, textures, and backgrounds to use in your game

Game engines:

Unity - A 2D, 3D and VR Game Engine program. Free, educational and commercial licenses.


Twine - A great tool for those who aren’t wanting to delve into lots of art and instead want to focus on story.

Game story and narrative:

Ink - a tool to help shape the story of your game.