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Lord Of The Lockers

Event: Young Games Designer AwardsDate: Saturday 29 June 2019  Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, LondonHosts: TBC-Area: Game StillsBAFTA/Anish Raja

Lord Of The Lockers (Mobile & Tablet) – Anish Raja (12) Bradley Stoke

“Lord the Lockers in London”

The game is based on the real-life scenario of forgetting your lunchbox in your locker. The story is that you accidentally leave your lunchbox in your locker over the summer holidays and when you come back, you notice that an unknown alien life form(s) has developed inside your locker. The player starts with £20 of pocket money (virtual). The goal is to spend wisely on things that will help you look after and conceal your alien pet. You are also required to keep your hunger and water bar to as high as physically possible. If at any point your hunger of water bar run out for you the level restarts. As for the pet, if the same thing happens then you go back to level 1 and you lose all your items. If your pet is discovered, the level is considered a fail and the player has to redo it.

You can also spend your money on any of the products in the shops generated in the world. The player can buy a phone and a book with phone numbers in it in order to call any of the CPU (the artificial players) for help of something of their choice. At the start of each level, a short animation will be played explaining the level. The game is designed to boost confidence or to help with looking after things and as the player has a limited amount of money it teaches kids about spending responsibly and about conserving the environment. Long days will be reduced with the help of ratios (for example, an hour English lesson will only be about 4 mins)

The platform I have chosen is mobile and tablet. to move the player, you use a joystick on the right. To open doors and other things like cupboards you just tap on them(you do the same to close them. To access your pets controls(like the brush and everything)you tap it and you tap it with nothing in your hand to close the menu . To buy things you simply tap onto it. A menu will pop up and you simply drag the money from your hot-bar to the slot on the menu and you have bought it. It is a similar process for returning items. However, if you have used the item in any way, you will not be allowed to use it and the menu will not pop up. The player will also have to by food for him/herself to in a similar way. To drink from a water fountain, simply tap it.

I aimed it at kids who want to take on some responsibility or kids who just want to look after something as this enables you to look after a virtual alien who you know nothing about.