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Escape Extinction

Escape Extinction (Desktop) – Annabel Davies (13) & Jessica Argall (13) Lancashire

“A fun, action-packed game which teaches you about saving animals through exciting mini-games, creating a scrapbook of wonderful pictures of animals you've saved as you play.”

The player designs their custom-built avatar who explores the world map finding endangered animals to save. Each level is a new animal and they have to complete a series of mini-games and challenges to increase the number of that animal left in our world. Once the level is high enough you will get a cute picture of that animal to stick in your very-own scrapbook, building memories of your amazing work saving our planet. The mini-games are familiar in style but with our unique twist - they are themed around your animal. Think transporting supplies across a desert, sliding penguins to find food and much more!

Our game is set on our Earth. You play as a conservationist with a customizable appearance. You can change their skin colour, hair colour and style, gender and much more. There is a map of each place you visit that you can explore and find fun mini-games to boost the numbers of animals. There are many adorable animals to find and play with. As shown in the artwork, the games has a predominately cartoon style. Your avatar, the mini-games and the logo are all cute and simplistic. However, the scrapbook has more realistic looking pictures to give the impression of actual photos that have been taken in the field. The simplistic style should appeal to younger players who could use the game to learn about saving animals and looking after the earth.

Our game uses different controls for each mini-game. In the mini-game, it will tell you the controls before you start playing. For example, when you have to transport supplies across the desert you use the up and down arrows to switch lanes and avoid obstacles. However, when throwing the bananas into monkeys’ mouths, you will use the mouse. For exploring the map, you use the mouse the move across the map and click on the mini game locations and you scroll to zoom in and out.

I think our target audience is predominately children aged 8-14 although I think it could appeal to any age. The bright colours and fun mini-games make it more appealing to younger players although the deeper meaning about conserving our planet and saving animals.