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Change Starts With You

Event: Young Games Designer AwardsDate: Saturday 29 June 2019  Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, LondonHosts: TBC-Area: Game StillsBAFTA/Kyle Randall

Change starts with You (Desktop/Console/VR/Nintendo Switch)  – Kyle Randall (16), Bournemouth

“Evaluating a serious issue in today’s society in a non-graphical and enjoyable style. A game holding a moral meaning through the fun and challenging mini games and story.”

Plastic is one of the world’s biggest environmental issues today. This most versatile material is causing a lot of harm to our wildlife especially Birds and marine life. So what would you do if you had the chance to resolve this issue. Become either a vet or a diver and take control in helping reduce the damage being caused by this issue. Clean beaches, dive and clean oceans, help marine life. throughout the game, the more you as a player as well as a character contribute to helping with reducing this issue the more you will see the change of the world that is created through this experience provided by the games story and meaning. There are also fun little mini games included in the main story through interacting with the animals to complete as well as added extras such as customising you character, diver station or vet building. These will not only contrast the issue and make the game for creative and colourful but also be appealing to a younger audience of around 12 years old and older. This allows for a wider array of people to play the game as well as take in the message being presented throughout and maybe even make a change to this situation in real life.

The art work of the game will be designed in a cartoon style to appeal to younger people but will also have elements of realism through surroundings and characters to make the game’s message to be realistically presented. The game will be set in a made-up town with a coast and beach very close to the player's house as well as having a school and various other buildings. You play as either a young girl or boy. You can name your character and this name will be referenced by the other characters present in the game. the other computer generated characters will consist of people in your school class, depending on what job profession you pick, your work colleagues and others such as friends, family and people in the local community of the town.

The game will be set on many devices so the controls will vary on the console/device that it's being played on. For PlayStation 4, movement is the right analogue stick, your camera movement is you left analogue stick, X is to jump, O is to crouch/duck, Triangle is to pick up objects and interact with doors and other objects, Square is to use items/objects picked up, R2 is to sprint, R1 is to bring up a map of your town, L2 is to zoom in with objects when needed, L1 is to change view from 3rd to 1st person or the other way round, The D-pad is to select responses, Options is to access the main menu and the middle pad is to draw/sign papers. These controls are then altered to suit the console/ device as well as being altered by players if they want to, suiting play-styles.

The game would be aimed at a younger age group from 12 upwards due to the graphics style that would be implicated into making the game. The style would be colourful as well as cartoony to make the game more appealing even though the game is expressing a very serious issue. The message that would be shown is for all age groups due to it wanting the player to realise the level of danger that plastic can cause to our wildlife as well as making them also realise the importance of recycling and other schemes such as cleaning local beaches.