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Elsie Mae Williams, aged 13

Penzanze, Cornwall




“You are an employee of TorchLighters Inc, a company hired by fantasy dungeon bosses to prepare their dungeons for adventurers.”

It always bothered both me and lots of other fantasy RPG fans that whenever you walk into an ancient dungeon that nobody has supposedly been in for centuries, all of the torches are lit, the traps haven't degraded, etc. Do the minions do it? Is everything just magical? Well, this game is my answer to that question.

Your character has just been hired by TorchLighters Inc, a company that provides what is essentially janitorial services to dungeons. As an employee, you will travel to dungeons and make sure they are in working order. As the name implies, you will be lighting torches, but you will also reset traps, lock doors, make sure minions are ready to fight and occasionally perform special tasks for the bosses that hire you.

The game is 2D, top-down, retro style. Each level has 4 main goals: light all of the torches, check all of the traps, prepare all of the minions and lock all of the doors. You will be graded from 1 to 5 stars based on the time taken to complete the dungeon, but there isn't a time limit.


The game's controls would be very simple: the classic W,A,S,D system to move, Space to interact when you walk up to an object or NPC, Escape to pause and bring up the menu.