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Escape an abandoned lab by solving puzzles to escape using the TelePod or Teleportation Pod!

The designer:

Ben Porter, aged 15


Ben's story behind the game:

“A FPS where you can teleport to wherever you fire your 'TelePod' to.”

You fall into an abandoned lab and must solve puzzles to escape using the TelePod or Teleportation Pod. You can shoot the TelePod with a left click and teleport to its location with a right click. You can also use shift to see where it is and whatever's around it or to see a top down perspective of yourself. Avoid spikes, visible or invisible, and watch out for lasers as they can stop you or your telepod from passing. Use various types of buttons to lift/lower steel barriers and use your handy guide to find out information. There are 10 normal puzzle levels where you must reach the exit to go to the next level. At the end, you will face a simulation of a castle and will have to try to unlock the door in under two minutes followed by climbing out to freedom

Software used: GameMaker Studio

Future development:

"I would add some more of the story/setup to why there is a underground science lab featuring TelePods. I was originally thinking a stereotypical mad scientist had created a new superhuman being and was testing them on their brain power and ability to use telepods as well as other things (e.g. stealth). I would also try and add more levels/simulations and fix jumping in the castle and last level and the ability to use telepods in the last level and try and make it a bit more of a platformer. "