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Strike Vector

You're the admiral of the last great space fleet; marshal your crews and assign your orders to win epic space battles!

The designer:

Hugo Webber, aged 17 

Southborough, Kent

Hugo's story behind the game:

"I derived the setting for strike vector from my comic 'Isolation' that I am writing as part of my A level Art course. Unlike most games there is no real good side; the player is caught up in events and all they can do is their best to ensure as many of their comrades survive as possible. I would be interested in introducing a multiplayer element to give this idea more worth. There will be relatively few levels, so a player could be expected to complete the story mode of the game in about the same time it would take to watch a film. 

"My original plan was to design a game that utilised iPhone VR in a unique way. To play strike vector you select a few simple options then put on your iPhone VR and watch the battle unfold like you might watch a scene from a film. Afterwards you can tinker with more options if you lost and refight the battle, otherwise you will see a short 'cut scene' in the form of an illustration with a block of speech."


"The basic control mechanics rely on the IPhone touchscreen. You swipe to scroll down lists and tap to select options. A ‘done’ button is present for each list to proceed to the next set of options or to battle."


Mobile & Tablet