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Ben Saunders, aged 18

Cambridge Regional College, Burwell, Cambridge


Game Maker


“You might think this is just a platformer, but it's like nothing you've ever played before.”

You follow a character named Yin who travels around a world that is completely unknown. It is your goal to work out this unknown world and solve all of the problems to find your way to the end. You will find that some platforms don't behave like you are used to so be prepared for a surprise. Each time you leave the level in anyway you will be brought back to the start to try again.

This is my first game, so this has taught me everything that I have learned and I have learned alot since making this game as it mainly uses game maker's drag and drop system. Now I have learned how to do simple things like gravity in coding in game maker. I have had other college projects since I made this and I did have plans to make this better however time is not on my side so this game isn't perfect and definitely needs improvements that I will work on in my free time. This game made me a game developer.

Future Development

If I could develop my game further I would definitely get an artist along with an animator to help me make the game look a lot more professional along with transferring my game into coding so that I can add controller support. During my expo at the college I found people wanted to lay back and play my game that obviously is hard to do on a computer. I would also change my gravity as it is very floaty when I want the character to be more weighted so that you can see each of your movements.

Download the game to play here!