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Henna Station

Draw henna designs by using templates: complete levels and challenges to win!

The designer:

Jayavarshini Sankaran, aged 13

Old Palace of John Whitgift School

Jayavarshini's story behind the game:

"My game is a game for the artistic people out there. My game is a henna station where you have templates of henna and you have to trace over it.

"The icon for the game is a hand with henna on. To choose your level, you have to scroll up and down to go to different sections of the game (e.g. levels, home, achievements etc.) The background will be a fiery orange. The templates will have a hand in a white background and a red outline. It is a 3D game.

"There are 15 levels in this game. Each level will have a set of templates and challenges that you will have to do in order to move on to the next level. In each level you will earn coins with which you can buy new henna cones as one henna cone runs out. You will earn coins when your designs are precise and look realistic and you will lose coins if you drag the lines out of the templates or if you squeeze out too much henna.

"You will also have daily challenges and if you complete them you will earn diamonds and you will be able to continue with your template if you fail the template. If you log in to any social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Instagram, you will earn 10 diamonds."


"To play this game on your mobile or tablet, you need your finger or a stylus so that you can go over the henna designs."


Mobile & Tablet