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Download the game from the Google Play store (desktop link) or the Apple store (mobile link) 

Evade, Collide, Shatter, Repeat: test your endurance in this satisfyingly frustrating new fast paced action game!

The designer:

Adriano Matousek, aged 17

Cumnor, Oxford

Adriano's story behind the game:

"Welcome to Evade, a new fast paced infinite runner! 

"Tilt your phone to dodge incoming rocks and 'evade' the evil red enemies that chase you round relentlessly! You can collect powerups throughout the game to help you on your increasingly difficult journey!"

Software used: Unity Engine, Cinema4D+Photoshop (for creating assets), Audacity for creating SoundFX, LogicPro X (for creating "Time to Run" soundtrack)

Future development:

"I’ve planned to add more non-consumable items to the ‘Store’ such as new ships and new scenes (backgrounds) based on feedback I get from users. I have already implemented a Suggestion Box in the ‘About’ section which users can use to share their ideas with me. I will also keep a close eye on reviews I receive from users on the Play Store - even though Evade has been through 3 weeks of rigorous beta testing, people may uncover new bugs/glitches which I will have to patch. "