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Download the game from the Apple Store here (mobile link)

Use the waves to dodge obstacles and survive the course!

The designer:

Aravind Prabhakaran, aged 16

Abingdon, Oxford

Aravind's story behind the game:

“A re-plastering of a mathematical concept into a beautiful 2d platformer that tests your reactions and co-ordination.

"It is a simple arcade game that takes the idea of waves into a fun fast-paced platformer. In a simple clean geometric design the user controls what is in essence two waves, and by making them further apart or moving them up and down, they dodge obstacles and survive. There are power-ups to aid them in their pursuit. It goes on infinitely but the obstacles get progressively harder and more difficult to predict that is why it is key to use both controls in tandem - truly testing reactions and co-ordination."

Software: iOS - Xcode, SpriteKit; Assets - Flash Animator; UI Design - Sketch; Music - Garageband, Audacity

Future development:

"I think I would add more themes and assets, and different game modes, and maybe add a multiplayer function which means you can race against friends. 

"I think that would improve the game immensely, but provide its own challenges: even more if I opt to use my own server. I have explored the possibility and I think the main challenge would be designing the race against the second player, and also co-ordinating the spikes position."