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Clearing MEMORY

When a seemingly innocent glitch sucks Pixel into her games console, she has to battle her way through all her old games to get rid of the glitched save file!

The designer:

Kitty Belcher, aged 13

Swindon, Wiltshire

Kitty's story behind the game:

"With a surprisingly expressive cast of characters, Pixel fights her way out of the console by getting to the glitch that sent her there and destroying it. A stroll through your favorite genres, all in one.

"The first level of Layroytute is:
Rules: Physics. The sky's the limit otherwise! (Oh wait...)
Goals: Figure out how everything works and allow Monique to explain how to get out of the console.

"Unlike other levels, this gets a very large cutscene before it, as it needs to introduce Pixel getting sucked into the game as well as introduce Layroytute itself. The gameplay starts once Monique starts guiding Pixel through the basic instructions - advanced instructions are explained in the other levels. 

"The game's console mechanic is really unique. Lots of indie games have done the whole "in your computer" gimmick, but none have taken that and explored that further. It has a lot of diversity between its characters, and none of them are perfect. This makes the game more relatable to a wider audience."

The players:

"I hope that Clearing MEMORY would be enjoyable for as many people as possible, which is why I would want the age rating as low as possible, a 12 at most. The layers of story and humour should give something for all gamers - the colourful characters and gameplay for younger players, the references and nostalgic humour for older fans, and an immersive story for those in between."


Desktop, Console (Nintendo)