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Clash of Steel

Download and play the game here 

 After downloading, the files must be extracted onto your desktop before you can play the game.

Time to take over a planet! Build robots using futuristic parts and fight to win.

The designer:

James Holley, aged 13

Southend-on-Sea, Essex

James's story behind the game:

"My game is an online MMO about building robots and fighting them in a persistent universe. The main point is that everything should be dynamic; you should be able to affect the universe in any way you want, and this will be reflected for other people.

"It has a fairly simple yet powerful building system, where robots can be created quickly and efficiently. As of right now, there are no NPCs in the game. The game is fully player driven. 

"The game revolves around two modes: Build Mode and Robot Mode. In build mode, players can build/repair their robots. In robot mode, players can control their robots and use them in fights."

Software used:  Unity (5.6.0f3)

Future development:

"I would add a faction system, and space. Some of the code for these features is already present, and the server's API has endpoints for creating/checking factions. I already have code in place for switching between servers without loading screens, but due to my internet connection server switches would often fail. All of this could be overcome if I had more time, and an actual budget to run servers on. I would add lots more "polish". "