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Alphabet Arc

Download and play the game here

This game is designed to be played via the software Scratch.

A game for children with dyslexia developed by a dyslexic coder - arrange the alphabet as fast as you can and beat your PB! 

The designers:

Sam Curran, aged 12 & Tom Curran, aged 14 

Wilmslow CoderDojo, Wilmslow, Cheshire

The designers' story behind the game:

"The game has a really simple concept … the player must put the 26 letters of the English alphabet in their correct order and into their correct place on an arc. The letters start being randomly placed inside the arc and playing against a timer the aim is to beat your own personal best, or play against others to see who can achieve the quickest time. 

"The inspiration for the game originally came from an exercise I was given to do using wooden letters at school (or fridge magnet letters at home!) to help me overcome recall problems caused by my dyslexia.

"In designing the game we sought advice from a professional who works with children with dyslexia and as a result chose a blue background to avoid visual issues experienced by some children when using black and white on screen. We also used a number of colours for the letter tiles partly to ensure they stand out but also to improve the user experience."

Software used: Scratch (1.4)

Future development:

"We would love to develop the game into a fully fledged App for iOS and Android! Although we’ve developed it in Scratch we now think we’ve used this to create a really good “prototype” of something which would work really well on a touch screen with finger gestures rather than mouse moves."