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Adrianna’s Hero

A prince sets out on a mission to rescue a princess from a dragon, fighting off enemies and collecting gems on the way.

The designers:

Mya Oaten & Eleri Gray, both aged 14

Newport, Wales

The designers' story behind the game:

"What seems to be a typical story has a devastating twist, experienced through an innovative new style of gameplay.

"Princess Adrianna has been kidnapped by Asho, an intimidating dragon, and is being taken to his castle. Rudy, a boy who is deeply in love with Adrianna, sets out to save her. With the crown the princess dropped, he makes his way through levels in four different seasonal worlds, fighting off the fearful Assassins who try to kill Rudy and steal from the Pengling villagers and collecting the gems that fit in the crown.

"Adrianna's hero is a platformer that is seen in different art styles which you can flip through throughout the game to help you through the level. There are four main worlds, each themed around a different season. Balloons float overhead carrying coins and cute 'Penglings' (penguin-like creatures that are meant to seem very sweet and kind with chubby cheeks and top hats) who are the main residents of the world, carry hearts to heal you

"Once Rudy reaches the dragon's castle he is greeted by some sickening news; Princess Adrianna has been instructing the Assassins to rob from the Penglings, driven by her greed for riches, while Asho has kidnapped her to try and save the kingdom and it's residents. Rudy has no choice but to defeat Adriana–this is the hardest battle in the game, you have to do things such as making quick gem changes to complete it."

The Players:

"The target audience should be male and female ages 8 and over as the story and strategy of the game may be hard to grasp for younger players, but compelling for older players."