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Working Stiff

Aryaan Awais 


Working Stiff is a game of management, organisation and tactical tricks based in a restaurant: from acknowledging the customers to creating your cuisine; it is a systematic procedure which is designed to make you feel anxious and alert.


Francis Paris is located in your choice of the country.

There are five places that you will interact in the game, your workstation, the stockroom, freezing room, heating room and the basement. 



Your main controls are the hands - they are controlled with either A and D or LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.
UP and DOWN arrow keys or W and S moves the hands forward or backward.
Numbers 1-5 are to toggle cookers on or off if in the workstation, while F1-F5 are to change locations.
The mouse lets you look around the area in Chef Piégle's vision.

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Working Stiff