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Last Alive

Vilte Bendziute 


An astronaut finds out a journey to a distant planet has left her as the last human alive, miles away from Earth, and attempts to navigate back home under the guidance of an AI developed by an alien species. 


The majority of the setting takes place inside the ship while in space.  


Ava: The protagonist, a female astronaut. Signed up for the space mission after her mother, and only family member, died from cancer. She is brave, confident and sensitive.

The AI: Created by the aliens to help Ava return home and to collect data about humans. The AI appears as a chat client that you see on the spaceship's window

The Aliens: Much like humans, however they have been around for longer and so are smarter and more developed.


Use the mouse to look around
‘wasd' keys to move
 certain other keys to pick things up/place them down.

Analogue stick to move/look around and buttons to pick things up.

See the full Game Concept shortlist

Last AliveLast Alive