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Madison Riley 


Solve the puzzles in each world to find the missing Blots. There are 7 worlds, each consisting of 5 levels.

As each level is completed the player receives some paint; when they complete all 5 levels the paint can then form one of the coloured blots. They can then move onto the next world, with new terrain and challenges.

You complete each level by rotating the world and navigating your character along the surface and using it to solve the puzzles while avoiding obstacles and dangers. Later in the game, your character can also collect items that can help it to shift its form; it could become a painting of a fish to get through the water, or even a bird to slow its descent from upper levels.

On its own, your character is soluble in water, dries up in fire and dries up if it’s on a heated surface for too long. Other dangers, such as wind and fall distance, can hurt your character. 


The game is set in the Galleraxy. It has been home to Blots for aeons, each group living peacefully in their isolated ecosystems and expanding their worlds over time as they learn and adapt to changes in their environment. Each Blot is adapted to their own world and its nature.


Blotch is a small blob of black ink that is navigating the worlds after the creature escaped, looking for the rest of the blots and their palettes.


W,A,S,D - to navigate across the surface of the cubes.
Up arrow, Down arrow- Rotate the cube(s) on the X axis.
Left arrow, Right arrow- Rotate the cube(s) on the Y axis.
CTRL and LEFT MOUSE BUTTON- Move camera angle
SPACE- Focus camera back to player.
ESC- Open pause menu
RIGHT MOUSE CLICK- Select options on menu, does nothing while in game


See the full Game Concept shortlist