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Rescue Aid

Emily Roberts


Rescue Aid is about saving lives, it both educates and entertains.

It has different scenarios; for example a beach with someone drowning, someone with hypothermia and someone just enjoying an ice-cream.The aim of the game is to get everybody to safety using the aids around which may include a floating bottle, a rope or a rescue board. There would be sub-levels, for example a mini game when you are on the rescue board trying to rescue the casualty, or a CPR mini game where you give a body CPR by clicking on the screen. There would also be options to practice or to have a timed trial and it can be made easier or harder by the number of casualties.

Rescue Aid


Rescue Aid is set by the sea and in a pool scenario, however it could happen anywhere as emergencies can happen anywhere.


  • Injured Casualty
  • Unconscious Casualty
  • Non-Swimmer
  • Weak-Swimmer
  • Panicking Casualty
  • Bystander


By clicking on a character or an object it comes up with options. If you click on a rope you could then click on a casualty to throw it to them, if you clicked on a person lying in the sand you could have the option to:

a) Start CPR

b) Leave them

c) Check to see if they are awake

d) Check for breathing.

You are scored on whether you picked the right answer or get a response from the casualty.  In the mini games, you tap or press keys to make the rescue board go forward or to do compressions on a body, the app would sense tapping speed. If the tapping was fast on the rescue board it would go faster. If the tapping was the wrong speed for the CPR it would tell you to speed up or slow down.