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Little Red

Nic Gordon


Little Red is a puzzle game where the player guides Little Red through the forest to visit her gran by drawing paths. Let Red stray from the path and she’s instant prey for the wolves; the player must keep adding to the path as Red moves along before it runs out. The game is designed for short bursts, and is split into themed sets each containing 10 stages with many different obstacles along the way. There are also collectables in each stage to help the player achieve a better score and unlock bonus stages. Each 10th stage contains a new danger – the Big Bad Wolf who follows its own path, but if it crosses the player-drawn path it will start to follow it.


This game takes place in the ever-changing woods of Red’s childhood. Each stage within the game is a 'day', and each day the woods has changed. Each set of ten levels features a different aesthetic theme – spring (day), spring (night), summer (day), etc – and bring different mechanics into play.

Seasonal levels feature special themes; Halloween levels in the autumn (night) stages where Red is stalked by zombie wolves and collects sweets, and a Christmas stage filled with fairy lights and the wolves are replaced by yetis.

Little Red


Little Red: Her adventurous streak allows her to stride through the dark woods without fear, but also gets her into trouble.

Big Bad Wolf: This shadowy creature is sick of eating foxes for breakfast, and has since been hunting Little Red in the hopes of finding a higher quality meal.

Gran: Warm and creaky, this elderly lady lives comfortably in her retirement cottage with a lot of boxsets and stories to keep her company.


3DS, possibly WiiU.

Most of the action takes place on the touchscreen, which shows a birds-eye view of the woods. The player’s main ability is to draw paths with the stylus, but this is limited by the path meter, which is never full enough. Little Red will trot along the paths you draw. The path disappears once she’s walked along it, which refills the path meter.

Little Red

Little Red

Little Red