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Jonathan Ashton


Jellyfish uses a sense of rhythm and the urge to tap your fingers or foot and turns it into a relaxing multiplayer experience.

Available on mobile devices, the user will control a Jellyfish with their finger and try to avoid obstacles that drop as they ascend from a dark abyss. Jellyfish is a unique game that finds user’s music, selects songs at random and when the user presses ‘Play’ generates a level. Levels are based on many variables in the selected song such as; Speed, Beats per Minute, Tempo, Drum Fills and Guitar Solos. The player has to use their sense of rhythm in order to survive and set their own high score, unlocking new skins along the way. Faster songs will be some of the hardest levels as they will generate more obstacles and the obstacles will drop down faster, slower, classical songs will make the game easier.

By adding friends to the friends list players can see all of their friend’s high-scores for the songs they’ve played and can challenge them. The same level will load, the first player will be informed that you’ve challenged their time and see how you fared…



My game is set in the dark abyss of our oceans. The oceans are now in danger from the ever falling neon mines that illuminate the perpetual darkness.


Mas is a small glowing Jellyfish who's lost his family and wants to return to them. New skins and colour schemes can be unlocked for this character the more you play the game.


The player puts their finger on the screen and that allows the player full control over the Jellyfish, allowing them to swiftly move him anywhere on the screen by dragging their finger around and weaving in and out of the blockades.