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Camylle Tuliao


Dreams is a first person role playing adventure game set in four different locations. The way to win is different in every world and you have the choice of three fighting styles, Imagi (magic), Logio (science) and Void (dream-manipulating). 


  • Imaginati: The training ship where you can interact with members of your crew and customise your avatar.
  • Reve: The perfect life of the dreamer, the world where they are always happy. The 'enemy' is the dreamer who doesn't want to leave their virtual fantasy. You have to combat their minions and weaken them to the point they are vulnerable to the Evo particles
  • Nightmare: The world where you come face to face with your worst fears. Depending on what the Nightmare is, it could be a short horror game, dealing with constant waves of enemies or completing puzzles. You encounter the dreamer and have to save them by protecting and helping them overcome whatever is scaring them.
  • Limbo: A near empty unstable world, where your powers are limited and you can be lost forever. A place where the dream itself is the enemy not the dreamer. You have to reach your dreamer by overcoming puzzles based on your previous actions in other dreams before time eats it.



  • Christelle/Christopher (depending on the player's customisation) is a previous dreamer who is like a book full of personality.
  • Cipher is a shifter hybrid, which is outgoing and caring, despite looking and acting like an open book he has secrets.
  • Rayn is a transgender character who often cracks jokes and annoys everyone with his nicknames. He can be a daredevil sometimes.
  • Nova is a sassy aggressive person, she is extremely intelligent and a bit of a nerd. She might act like a rough person but she has a kind heart for those who try and create a place in her heart.
  • Somni is mysterious figure and helps with tips and tutorials. Not many know about Somni’s existence.
  • Dreamers are the NPCs that are in control of the Dreams (apart from Limbo) you need to wake up by saving them or defeating them.