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Magdalena Stenfors


Codeland is a fun but educational MMO which teaches the players to code by letting them explore a lighthearted world which is filled to the brim with code.

After being sent by your guardian and mentor, Professor X, the player must explore the world of Codeland, seeking out masters of various expertise in order to hone their skills. Although the masters will give the player basic information, they are generally left to discover the world themselves and are given few hints on how to solve the problems in the game.



Set in Codeland; a colourful world which is riddled with monsters based on syntax errors which one must use debugging to defeat, and troubled NPC's that one must help by writing lines of code.


Professor X is depicted as the classic "mad scientist"; he wishes to teach you all he can, and sends you off into Codeland because he wishes for you to explore the world yourself.


To move, players would use the arrow keys. To interact, players would click on the thing they are interacting with. To enter codes and such, players must simply enter things by typing it in.