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Ultimate Tower Defence

Team Name: Suggy

Fergus Robinson


Unity 3D  

Game Description

This game tries to combine elements of typical tower defence style games, and first person games, by allowing the player to seamlessly fly around the level to see the game from a new perspective. The player must survive all 8 rounds to win, and can do this by purchasing turrets to prevent enemies from reaching their goal.


The game was created using 2 main pieces of software; Unity 3D, and Autodesk Maya. The first thing I did was create a basic level for the enemies to navigate. To do this, I used a Unity 3D add-on called ProBuilder. Once the level was created, I created a basic C# script to allow the enemy to navigate the level. The enemies initially used prototype graphics, so the next thing that I did was create a character model using Autodesk Maya.

I rigged and animated the model, then exported it into Unity 3D. I followed the same steps to create a turret model. Variations of these models required very minimal tweaks, to create different enemy and turret types. Once this level was set up, I did the remaining basic programming to create GUI and turret behaviour. This level was duplicated, then tweaked to make another.

Future Developments

The game requires serious optimisation and performance improvements, as it currently requires quite a high end computer to run. This would be something I would improve upon in future versions. I would also use entirely original art and sounds. The game could also use a better variation in enemy and turret types. Additional levels could also be added to implement a further variety in playing experience.  


‘I liked the first person camera and the timed bomb was different.’

‘It is competently done and the designer made good, simple design choices.’

It is quite polished.’


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