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Team Name: One Maker

Isaac Moselle


Unity, Blender and the GIMP  

Game Description

The player plays a robotic cat creature running down an endless tube. The catch is that you do not run straight down, but in a spiral pattern. The cat must constantly change direction to avoid obstacles in its path. You can also pick up powerups. 

Simple, but (hopefully) fun, the only objective is to beat your and your friend's score. There is not much to this game, yet hours of entertainment may lay ahead...  


Hearing about the competition only about a month before it ended, I had to work quickly. First, I learned to use the Unity game engine from various internet tutorials and the script documentation. Then, I learned to make simple objects and animations in Blender, before putting them together. I used the Gimp for the simple textures. I started on an idea for an app I had thought up. After about two weeks, my gameplay part of the project was done. I then concentrated hard on adding a menu, a high-score system and music. The sound effects I got at, and the music is Ouroboros by Kevin Macleod, downloaded from Finally I built the project for windows and recorded the movie.  

Future Developments

I would like to convert it to touch input, and maybe post it on Google Play. However, first I would like to change the font (I was unsure if downloading a font was against the terms and conditions). I would also like to fix the collision glitches and various other problems.  


‘It’s insanely simple but there’s something there. The designer achieved their objective.’

‘Robo-Cat really worked, it’s a clean experience. I would invest more time to get further in the game.’


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