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Team Name: Mewsicians

Lara Ryan and Harley O'Connor



Marketing blurb

Time to conduct some Meowsic!  






As you're travelling through musical-themed worlds, your objective is to hit the beat counts in time with the music. You're awarded for being timely, matching the rhythm, and catching all the notes. However, too many misses or late/early notes will get you booed -something which you don't want (you're in a production after all!).

At the end of each music score you are rated out of 5 stars - like a real production is! Though failure to meet standards will result in you having to try again (The harder the level, the higher the star count is needed). Break a leg!


The character is a cat who's initially a nobody, you never know its name, never see its face and never know it's gender either (it does wear a paper bag with a crudely drawn one on though). However, they want to reach to stardom by reaching broadway and so they jump into various settings and worlds that are very familiar to us -hopefully! As the paper-bagged cat jumps into each world his appearance changes into a new one. That appearance corresponds with each world and erases his 'nobody' look and completely changes him into a character from that specific world. For example, in "The Wizard of Ocelot" the cat resembles Dorothy.  

Unique Selling Points

How many times have you seen an app that focuses on both the story and the music? Not much. But now here's something new! The game will successfully bring classic and modern music together and allow the player to see the artistic music and environments they are literally placed in. 


“The gameplay was brilliantly thought through. Excellent puns!”

“Solid idea, strong message”


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