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Laser Rift

Team Name: Clemens von Stengel

Clemens von Stengel


Processing (code), Photoshop (art), Audacity (music editing), Reddot (record music form piano), as3sfxr (sound effects)  

Game Description

Laser Rift is an infinite game in which the player tries to get the highest score possible. The way you do this is to survive the constant flow of obstacles and keep up with the screen that is constantly flowing to the right. There are several types of obstacles in they way, which arrange to form randomly generated terrain, which increases in difficulty as time goes on.


The bulk of the time put into this game was in the programming. This was done with processing, which is essentially java. The first thing I did was calculate the exact position of the player. This was done by calculating the force, acceleration, speed and thus position of the player. After this, I created the background and world, which was constantly scrolling to the left. At this point I implemented textures for both the background and the animation. These were drawn in Adobe Photoshop, and then the animation rate was calculated using the speed of the player in order to make it seem more realistic, as far as pixel art goes. The challenge here was creating a game with an 8-bit feel, that still plays smoother than an old game. This was done by enlarging each image by a factor of 3. The next thing on the list was the GUI. I created my own font for this, once again using Photoshop. This font was inspired by a variety of existing pixelated fonts. After creating the GUI, I started work on the most difficult part of the project, which was the obstacles. This took the most time to develop, and also required a lot of drawing. The most difficult parts of this was the collision detection between the player and the obstacles, and the random generation of obstacles. After this, I implemented the menu system and power ups. The last thing which needed to be done was sounds. Most of the sound effects were created by a program called as3sfxr, however some where downloaded. I then composed the music, and I used audacity to make it sound retro.  

Future Developments

Whilst this game is all in all completed, there are still a number of things that could be done. The first of these is the fixing of bugs. The game is all in all bug free, however, when it comes to saving your highscore, and collision detection, there are still a few issues when need to be fixed. Aside from that, the next large scale thing to do in the game would be to add a larger variety of threats, the main of these being enemies entities, which you have to either avoid or kill. This would involve equipping the player with a weapon. This could then be upgraded either in game, or in a between game menu screen. Weapons could also allow players to break crumbling walls. Other features which could be added could include a greater variety in power ups, as well as a change in textures. This is because the game in its current state is slightly too monotone, with lasers being the most prominent obstacle. If every time a laser was created, there was a chance of it being an energy beam, or plasma field instead, which have the same effect in terms of game play, but add something visually. Also animating obstacles as well as giving them sound effects could add to the atmosphere of the game.


‘This was the stand-out game for me.’

‘This designer really knows what he’s doing.’

‘Lots of potential for future development.’


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