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JV Raptor's School of Falconry

Team Name: Jade Randall

Jade Randall


iPad and iPhone

Marketing blurb

Ever been to a falconry session? Want to keep the memory? Well now you can with this game that will send your imagination flying.  






The game consists of three key elements. The birds, equipment and the scenery. Players will start off with a Barn Owl and as they level up they will be able to buy eggs and receive new birds, food, scenery and equipment. Players can compete in contests of skill and speed, either racing their birds or performing air tricks to gain more points.


Characters vary due to the fact this game does not follow a specific story line. The main characters will be myself, the player’s avatar and the birds that are featured in the game. They will all have names and the players will have the option to change the names of the birds and name their avatar. The avatar will have the options to change their clothes and their gloves they use to fly the birds. The birds will be equipped with the option of change in hoods and tail mounts or bells. 

Unique selling points

From my experiences, I have never seen this done before. By making this game I am able to share my fabulous experience with everyone. Everyone will love the game and those who have done falconry in real life will now be able to take the experience away with them. I have mainly aimed this game for devices with touchscreens because I thought they would be the most suitable. However that does not mean to say that this game cannot progress and be created for the larger consoles, where the game will use the consoles individual setup to its advantage and allow players to do more within the game itself. 



“Charming idea”

“Good marketing, simple mechanically, and the fundamental message is clear”


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