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Team Name: Duck!

Bethany Clifford, Klaudia Stanik & Ben Symons



Marketing blurb

Tap, Slide, Run, DUCK!  


On the first level, Jeffry will be running towards the forest, after taking one of Duckzillas feathers. The player will have to tap the phone screen in order for Jeffry to duck the branches. After level 1, Jeffry the giraffe will run across a bridge, This will be introduction to level 2, then a 3,2,1 go! will appear and Jeffry will start running through the jungle, away from Duckzilla, with his feather and towards his dream girl, Jeffrina.


The main character is Jeffry the giraffe. Jeffry is an average giraffe with the odd spot here and there. He is being chased by Duckzilla because he has taken a feather belonging to Duckzilla himself. He took the feather to impress and win the heart of his crush, Jeffrina. 

Duckzilla is a special breed of duck, who has the best feathers in all of the land. When someone tries to take just one feather, he gets annoyed and wants it back - nothing will stop him!

Jeffrina is a beautiful giraffe, she has a wonderful long neck and is a lovely person to be around. Jeffrina loves feathers! Although beautiful she has an obsession with feathers that could cost Jeffry dearly. 

Unique selling points

In summary, we know that Duck will provide hours of fun. The game is simple but frustrating and addictive, much like other successful games. However similar it may be to others, we think that Duck is different (The quirky graphics will entertain anyone, of any age and gender). Duck will shine through the rest. Players want to be entertained and interested, Duck does this. 



“So simple… you can imagine everyone downloading it and it being very addictive”

“Solid pitch and a really simple approach”

“Clear understanding of the social networking side of game development”


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