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Cyber Ninja

Team Name: Team L.I.S

Ammer Azeem



Game Description

The aim of the game is to complete all 37 levels. You control a ninja to go and jump from various objects and get to the blue part. If you touch the red part then the level will start again.  


The first thing I had to do was come up with an idea. So I brainstormed and came up with a name for the game and what the user will have to do. 

I then designed how my game will look on a piece of paper. I went from the design stage to implementing my idea on a software called Scratch. I first created the script that I would use to colour code with the background. I then had to create the background script with the broadcast feature on the software. 

The last step was to create a character for my game. I used some inspiration from a game called roof top run.

Future Developments

In the future or if I had more time I would add lives and a score to the game so you can compete with friends and family online to see who got the highest score.  


‘It has promise, and the jump work in Scratch is amazing.’

‘I smiled when playing this game.’


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