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Beat Hopper

Team Name: Interquartile Games

William Osborne


HaxeFlixel via FlashDevelop  

Game Description

The game has a simple concept: "Beats" or small rectangles drop rapidly from the top of the screen, and the player must dodge the rectangles by moving to one of four different lanes, using the 1-4 keys on a computer keyboard. 


I made Beat Hopper using the programming language Haxe, which is similar to ActionScript 3 (used to make flash games). To make my game I used a game engine called HaxeFlixel; this is a Haxe version of the highly popular Flixel library for making flash games (examples of Flixel games include Canabalt and Anodyne). 

Most of the game's graphics are simple rectangles with colours randomly generated when the game starts, but any additional art was made using the pixel art program PyxelEdit. The music was randomly generated using a program called Autotracker, and then edited with OpenMPT, a program for making retro music.

Initially I made the program randomly create beats in certain patterns, then added the player afterwards. Once the player was in place I made the beats actually kill you when you hit them, and then added scores and increasing difficulty. 

The final step was to add proper menus to the title screen, as well as lots of aesthetic effects such as making the screen shake when you dodged a beat and having confetti explode out. Sound effects were added at this stage, and either randomly generated using the program Bfxr or taken from online libraries of free sound effects such as The last thing I added was the animated menu. 

Future Developments

One feature I have considered adding is more advanced things for the player to dodge - for example tunnels and curved segments. A highscore table is another feature that I'm considering as well.


‘This is a complete game – but it’s brutally hard.’

‘A mini slice of Guitar Hero.’

‘It is an accessible experience.’


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