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YGD Supporting Materials Guidelines

Stuck on what to send us for your ‘Supporting Materials’ on the BAFTA YGD Application form? Never fear! Here’s our guide to what counts as Supporting Material!

Supporting Videos:

For both award categories you are offered the chance to enter a ‘Supporting Video’. This is a great way to show the judges just how your game will look and gives you the chance to explain some of your design decisions.

You only have 2-3 minutes maximum so make sure you plan through what you want to say.

Some ideas you might consider for Game Making:

- A game design diary (talking through your progress as you made the different parts of your game)
- Actual gameplay (show us what you game looks like to play!)
- Difficulties in game design and how you overcame them
- How do you plan to develop your idea (is there anything you might change or improve on?)

Some ideas you might consider for Game Concept:

- Who is your target audience and why will they want to play this game?
- Describing what the gameplay will look like
- Talking about your art style and influences from other games in coming up with this idea

Game Concept Supporting Materials:

1. Own your Art!

For the Game Concept Award we want to see artwork made by YOU! Draw us a picture or use an art programme on your computer to show us what your game will look like! But you must be the one that creates the art… See next point!

2. Avoid pictures of pre-existing games.

Whilst it might be tempting to take a screenshot of an already existing game, we would much rather see you create something completely on your own!

3. Avoid long Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

We do not accept any long text documents or PowerPoint presentations. Whilst we appreciate you have worked hard on your idea, all of your game idea text should be completed within the application form text boxes.

4. But I can’t draw!

Everyone has to start somewhere - Give it a go!

If you are not confident, why not consider the different sorts of images you could include? Such as:

- A map of a level to show level design
- An image of what your game looks like when it is being played on screen
- Character and main theme ideas
- Drawing a controller to show the controls your game will use
- Using a diagram, such as a flow chart or key, to show your main game elements
- Building a model of your game idea and taking a picture of it to upload
- Taking photographs of areas that inspire your game environment (maybe you could incorporate them into a mood board?)

For the Game Concept award you can upload up to 3 different supporting images!

Game Making Supporting Materials:

1. Asset use:

Be really clear in your application as to which assets you have created yourself and which have been legally obtained.

Assets are permitted, providing they are:

- Free for public use
- Have been legally downloaded/purchased
- Have permission to use by the creator
- Declared within your application form

Creative Commons (Music & Sound):

Entrants may use music and sounds cleared for public use.

- Free for public use
- Have been legally downloaded/purchased
- Have permission to use by the creator
- Declared within your application form

2. Label all files clearly:

It is good practice to clearly label your game files so that the judges know what to open in order to play your game.

3. Include a source code:

The jury always like to be able to refer to the source code of your game if possible. Please make sure it’s clearly labelled ‘Source Code’ and uploaded in the separate form area to avoid it being confused as part of your game file entry.

We will endeavour not to publish your source code but would remind you to clearly label it to avoid confusion.

4. Screenshot:

Providing us with a screen shot or .gif of your game is really important as this will be the image we will use if your game makes it through to the finals!

5. One playable level:

Entry to the Game Making competition requires you to have at least ONE playable level. The jury would much rather see one really fantastic level or idea set out simply, than a game that includes lots of levels full of bugs and glitches.