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The Everglade Theory

Event: BAFTA Young Game Designer AwardsDate: Thursday 30 June 2022Venue: VirtualHost: Inel Tomlinson -Area: Game StillsBAFTA

The Everglade Theory - Megan Power (15)

Explore the Everglades to prove your theory of there being a lost civilization hidden in the middle of the subtropical wilderness.

After following the trail of evidence throughout the Everglades, the explorer is led to a half-sunken temple and realises that this civilization can’t be long gone after all. Your goal is to find out what happened to the civilization by exploring the Everglades many environments and solving puzzles through a combination of platforming and problem-solving. It combines elements of a classic 2D platformer game with puzzles that can be solved by observing the nearby environment and paying attention to previous information. You uncover the plot as you go on, learning more about not just the ancient civilization, but also the backstory of the mysterious explorer you play as.