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Event: BAFTA Young Game Designer AwardsDate: Thursday 30 June 2022Venue: VirtualHost: Inel Tomlinson -Area: Game StillsBAFTA

Slimescape - Hannah Wagstaff (17)

Control a small green slime, who has the ability to possess other creatures, to solve puzzles and get through levels in a pixel 2D platformer.

Set in a fantasy medieval castle, the player must possess other creatures to obsorb their abilities. These new abilities can then be utilised to help solve puzzles and make their way to the end of each level. The slime must escape the castle and head to the freedom of the local cave system, without being caught by the court wizard, their creator, and avoiding any local adventurers looking for a low-level encounter. The game is split into 6 stages, which each have 15 levels. Each stage has a different background theme, and different characters to possess.