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Raider's Reprise

Event: BAFTA Young Game Designer AwardsDate: Thursday 30 June 2022Venue: VirtualHost: Inel Tomlinson -Area: Game StillsBAFTA

Raider's Reprise - Daniel Watts (13)

Defend your castle from attackers in this fast-paced high-score strategy game.

You play as a castle with the ability to place traps around itself. Drag around the traps and plan your defence. Attackers will approach your castle and you will have to stop them with your traps. There are also civilians, who will also approach your castle but you have to not let them get caught up in your own traps. if two traps collide, they will both be destroyed, increasing strategic need. The aim is to get the highest score you can before losing all your lives. Lives are lost when either an enemy enters your castle or a civilian gets caught in a trap.